Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 – Black/Pink

Protect your Apple iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches with this Hello Kitty KT4489BPG cover that features rugged polycarbonate construction to help keep your device safe. The slip-on design allows for easy attachment and removal.

Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 - Black/Pink

But Mark Exiga, another Parisian resident, was careful to distance himself from the Applemania that can attend new products. I’m not an addict, Exiga said. I’m just buying a phone to get a gift for a friend. Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 – Black/Pink. Apple has plenty of ardent fans, but a more subdued crowd showed up for the first day of retail store sales for the newest iPhone. PARIS–The newest iPhone may have not have been everything that fans had hoped it would be, but it was enough to draw hundreds to the Apple store here for the first day the iPhone 4S went on sale in stores..

The Huawei Watch 2. Not a Fitbit. The Chinese company showed off the Huawei Watch 2, a new smartwatch that answers one of the big problems with smartwatches: battery life. It has a low-power mode that lasts 25 days without charging. Obviously that month-long mode doesn’t include smart features — in that month, it just tracks your steps and displays the time Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 – Black/Pink. Congratulations, Huawei, you just invented the Fitbit. Joking aside, the Watch 2 looks like it has everything you could want from a smartwatch. There’s GPS to track your runs and an optical heart-rate sensor to keep you fit, NFC for mobile payments, a Gorilla Glass screen, a choice of sporty designs and (in some countries) 4G LTE built in. There’s even a special edition Porsche version, so you can tell people My other watch is a Porsche . Check out our full preview here..

As an oceanographer, her life’s focus is on gathering data and deciphering what it means, so it’s important to her to do the same for Kona’s health, she said Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 – Black/Pink. Along with testing its device among beta users like Haskins and Kona, Whistle is working with researchers to establish data on dogs with varying ailments. The idea is establishing a baseline for how these ailments affect dogs throughout the day. It will give veterinarians the tools to catch symptoms early on. Whistle is a wireless monitor that uses a sensitive accelerometer, similar to what’s in a fitness tracking devices or cell phone. It’s tracking hundreds of data points every second, according to the company. And researchers are actively harnessing that data to help pets..

But that’s a nitpick. BlogTalkRadio allows you to create an interactive live podcast that can be broadcast from any location where you can get a cellular signal. That’s a pretty cool thing. How to be Howard Stern: BlogTalkRadio. BlogTalkRadio is a podcasting service, like PodoMatic and GCast, but with a difference: it lets you stream your podcast in real time and lets you take telephone callers to your show and put them on the air with you Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 – Black/Pink. It’s a just the thing for podcasters who want to add interactivity to their work. And BlogTalkRadio is clever in its implementation: all audio input is via the telephone. Podcasters get a private dial-in number to the BlogTalkRadio service, from where they are streamed out to the Net (and also archived for later replay). Callers get their own number, too, and BlogTalkRadio provides a Web-based console that the podcaster uses to control the show..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don’t show this again. The speculation that Microsoft could put its next-gen OS on phones stems from an unimpeachable source: Intel CEO Paul Otellini, speaking on the record during the company’s financial conference call yesterday. Our sister site ZDNet.com has the relevant quote: We have the ability to put our lowest-power Intel processors running Windows 8, or ‘next-generation Windows’ into phones, because it’s the same OS stack. Polycarbonate Cover for Apple iPhone 5 – Black/Pink. So much for Windows Phone 7, eh? Its big brother is coming to cannibalise its lunch. Except, if you read that quote again, it’s clear this wasn’t what Otellini was saying. He’s talking processors, not operating systems..