UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS – Rose

Reinforce your device with this protective Prodigee UnderCover iPhone X and XS case. Cleverly constructed and equipped with a sliding compartment, this two-piece cover hides credit cards, SIM cards, MicroSD cards and more. This Prodigee UnderCover iPhone X and XS case has a textured grip and port cutouts, which keep your smartphone functional and easy to hold.

UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS - Rose
UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS - RoseUnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS - RoseUnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS - Rose

There are a couple of design aspects in particular that are worth calling out, as they compose the main makeup of the Vibe Duo. The first is the headphone cable, which is more truly a cord than that of most other headphones we’ve seen UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS – Rose. It’s got the kind of cloth overlay that you find on cables in drawstring clothing and accessories items. The result is that the cable isn’t very tangle-prone at all, if it’s not actually tangle-proof. Then there are the earbuds, which are quite stylish–something that we don’t often see with ‘buds and perhaps something people don’t care about. But if you’re fashion-conscious at all, you’ll appreciate the sleek, black housing, which is dolled up with chrome-like accenting. (V-moda also plans to come out with an all-chrome version.) Also, it’s nice not to have gargantuan ‘buds hanging out of your ears–the Duo’s measure just three-quarters of an inch from tip to end and have a diameter of 0.3 inch. Overall, they’re noticeably smaller than those of other high-end earphones..

What do you think? Is this another doomed Microsoft project? Or are the software kingpin’s fortunes finally on the up? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. Microsoft is launching its Zune music streaming and download service in the UK, across platforms including Windows Phone 7, Xbox LIVE and Windows PCs UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS – Rose. Read on, youngling.. With Windows Phone 7 just around the corner, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is keen to put some kind of music-based infrastructure in place. What is a surprise — and a pleasant one — is that it’s bringing its Zune music and video service to a host of platforms, including Windows PCs and Xbox Live..

A new For You tab is probably the most significant change to the Photos app with iOS 12. The tab along the bottom of the app is where you’ll find curated memories from photos and videos, along with sharing suggestions. The most exciting feature of the For You tab is the sharing suggestion feature. If you use iCloud Photo library, starting with iOS 12, you will begin to see suggestions of which photos to share with specific contacts UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS – Rose. It takes a little time for your device to learn who is in each picture, but you only have to assign a contact to a face in a photo once, and iOS 12 will remember your settings..

Another new Apple tablet, another race to make cases for it. Many of the first cases for the Air are simply tweaks on earlier cases companies have already released for the iPad 3/4 and iPad Mini. But a few are brand-new designs.A few of the cases in this roundup aren’t available quite yet, but we’ve received several samples and expect plenty more on the way UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS – Rose. As always, we’ll be updating this list as new, worthy products come in.Click the arrow above (or the image) to see the picks.Note: Cases are listed alphabetically..

According to IDC, while Xiaomi is now fifth in market share in India, it still far behind the likes of Samsung and local leader, Micromax UnderCover Case for Apple iPhone X and XS – Rose. With India being the next big battlefield, it makes sense that Xiaomi intends to set up camp on the front lines. At the moment, it is likely that Micromax, the world’s 10th largest smartphone maker, will be Xiaomi’s main target. The company, which produces anywhere between 700,00o to 1 million handsets a month for customers in countries like India and Russia, has been growing at a breakneck pace trailing only Korean giant Samsung among Indian consumers..